Ethical Printing


We are members of SEDEX and are SMETA audited every year. We place the utmost importance on health and safety and fair practice. We adhere to the highest standards in both H&S and Human Resources and continuously monitor and work to develop and improve these standards within F.I.T-Shirts.

These issues are important to us and we aim to trade only with companies who share our values. F.I.T-Shirts keeps records of all suppliers’ (and their factories’) audits and certification where available.

Stronger Together

F.I.T-Shirts is a proud Business Partner of the Stronger Together Campaign. This campaign is a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to reduce modern slavery, particularly forced labour, labour trafficking and other hidden third-party exploitation of workers. We promote this initiative within our own organisation as well as working only with recruitment agencies who are also Business Partners of the campaign. For more information on this please click here.


We strive continuously to be ethically responsible and with that in mind, we recycle 95% of our waste including cardboard, paper, tin, foil, used white spirit, used ink pots, used cans, ink cartridges, print seconds and reject shirts.


F.I.T-Shirts has a vast ink library onsite and 97% of our inks are phthalate free. This means that the inks do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals as described in the Montreal Convention and are formulated free from aromatic hydrocarbons.

Whistleblowing Policy

F.I.T-Shirts is committed to maintaining high ethical standards within the company and its supply chain. We treat any concerns or complaints with the utmost importance and sensitivity. Employees, officers, directors, contractors and suppliers can all raise concerns directly with the company or an external person or body. Please click here to see our full Whistleblowing Policy and contact details.

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